Padlock Investment Management Inc. has now been officially registered by the Ontario Securities Commission and commenced operations on January 3, 2012, which was ironically the 35th anniversary of the start of (what was then known as) Apple Computer Inc. One of the endeavors that I plan to undertake at Padlock is to produce market commentaries under the resurrected name of The Lato Letter. I wrote The Lato Letter as a way of reaching out to clients and other interested parties on an infrequent basis between 1994 and 2005. Those letters were done prior to a more significant embracement of the electronic age and were sent out in printed form via regular mail. Future versions will be posted on the Padlock Investment Management Inc. website in the Blog section and will also be emailed directly to a distribution list. If you would like to be placed on the distribution list, please click...

Padlock Investments is ready to take on your investment portfolio. Ask us how!